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Go on a cosmic journey with us! We start on November 11th at 6 PM!

What do planets and comets look like up close? Why does day come after night? Among other things, you will be able to find out during our educational campaign entitled „Kosmiczne podróże”. We invite you to our Facebook profile, to an exhibition in the passage of our gallery and to participate in an art competition for schools. 

TAKE PART ON A VIRTUAL FLIGHT IN SPACE Visit our Facebook profile!   https://www.facebook.com/CentrumHandloweAuchanKolbaskowo/  

Here, together with the astronauts of the ARHADION 5 ship, you will be able to go on a virtual space journey and take a close look at interplanetary space. Detailed and realistic films and graphics, combined with insightful commentary of the speakers, will bring closer the secrets of the cosmos and will make the 30-minute virtual journey through the galaxy arouse the interest of people of all ages! Schedule of take-offs of the virtual spacecraft:

• November 11th at 18:00

• November 18th at 18:00

• November 25th at 18:00


From November 7th to 28, th you will be able to see a space exhibition in our shopping center. Thanks to it, you will be able to learn more about how the solar system is built, what elements the space suit consists of or what the International Space Station is. The phenomena of the solar and lunar eclipses, as well as the concepts of day and night and the moon phase will be explained in a vivid way.


Each school that sends at least 8 art works dealing with the subject of space will take part in the competition for an attractive prize. The winner will receive a mini planetarium for observing the cosmos and its phenomena. More information will be available soon on our Facebook profile.

We encourage you to participate!

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