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С 02/06
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There is more and more sun around us and more and more opportunities to spend free time! Regardless of whether you plan a holiday by the lake, the sea or near the house, take care of yourself and enjoy the summer with your loved ones!

We make sure that our center is a place of successful preparations for summer rest and a safe space for shopping and rest. We believe that joint care for each other will make this year's holiday safe and secure!

In our space you will find many opportunities to spend time. You can enjoy a tasty meal in our restaurant zone, and from June 6th you will be able to relax again using our comfortable relaxation zones. From the first Saturday in June, safe corners and playgrounds await the youngest.

Summer collections are already waiting for you in our tenants' showrooms. Create airy styles based on holiday dresses, colorful blouses or summer shorts. Don't forget that fashionable outfits complement every outfit, and you can't miss those during your summer vacation! Prepare comfortable sets of clothes for children who are thirsty for outdoor fun. Also remember that the offer of our pharmacies and drugstores has the right cosmetics waiting that will allow you to enjoy the sun and make the time spent outdoors safe and carefree.

Enjoy safe shopping in our stores and service outlets!

We disinfect doors, door handles, handrails and other surfaces inside the gallery on a regular basis, and toilets at least twice a day. At the entrance to the hypermarket, we placed containers with disinfectant liquid, while face and nose masks can be purchased in the hypermarket and selected stores. добавьте это событие в свой календарь

вибрати програму