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We are extending the exhibition of vintage bicycles

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We are glad that the exhibition of vintage bicycles enjoys so much interest and positive feedback from our guests! That is why we are extending it until Saturday, July 3rd!

For more than a week, visitors to Shopping Centre will be able to see unusual copies, incl. original tricycle from 1890, children's bicycle from 1860, i.e., a bicycle with a large wheel at the front and a small wheel at the rear. The exhibited two-wheelers will also include military bicycles, which were used during World War II and in the 1950s, a transport bicycle, as well as models found on the streets and roads of Europe from 1940 to 1990. There will also be popular bicycles of Polish, German or Soviet production, such as romet or ukraine.

The exhibition of old bicycles is accompanied by an exhibition of infographics, where you can learn many interesting facts and practical tips related to cycling tourism. You will be able to find out, among others how to prepare a bike for riding, what types of bikes are, what to look for when choosing the right equipment for us and what are the most important safety rules Those looking for ideas for cycling trips in the area will also find something for themselves. On special boards you will be able to find suggestions of interesting routes developed in cooperation with the website.

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