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Visit „Sztuka w czasach zarazy” exhibition

From 02/02 to 16/02
Dreams, hope for a better tomorrow, but also emotions related to social isolation or anxiety will be illustrated by the paintings and collages of artists, which will be on display from February 2nd to 16 th during the exhibition „Sztuka w czasach zarazy”in our Shopping Centre.

At the exhibition in the passage of our Shopping Centre, you will be able to admire nearly 20 works by Polish artists who work in Bydgoszcz and its vicinity. They include Justyna Jułga, Inga Harasimowicz, Adam Papke and Adam Nowacki.

The artists used artistic techniques such as painting or collage to create works that illustrate feelings, reflections, associations, emotions related to social isolation, fear of the virus, but also hope for a better tomorrow.

- Imagination allows me to break away from the outside world - its limits and limitations. So, the sense of freedom - its control over the quality, value and joy of my professional work - has never, not for a moment, left me! Everyday life is another matter though! I miss meeting people, this much needed "catharsis" connected with contact with other people, with the exchange of thoughts! WAITING - says Adam Nowacki - an artist whose works can be seen at the exhibition in our Shopping Centre.

The exhibition „Sztuka w czasach zarazy” can be visited from February 2nd to 16th during the working hours of the Shopping Centre, i.e., from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Free entrance.

We invite you to come!